St Paul’s Church Anglican Church, Warragul


We’re passionate about following Jesus and his command to serve others in the community and beyond.


Ministry Team

Portraits by Carol Monson

Reverend Tracy Lauersen

Lead Minister (Click image for more info)

Michael Sterling  Music Minister

Michael Sterling

Music Minister


Reverend Graham MacRobb

Honorary Assistant Minister

Coralie Esbert   Salt Club Director (our Children’s Ministry)

Coralie Esbert

Salt Club Director (our Children’s Ministry)


Kerrie Armstrong

Youth Minister


Wardens and Parish Council

Scott McCardle

Nola Broadbent

Previn Blanchard

Louise Sterling
Parish Councillor

Pat Pinniger

Neville Wallace
Parish Councillor

Peter Cutler
Parish Councillor

Sheryl Hastings
Parish Councillor & Synod Rep

Wendy Shiels
Parish Secretary & Synod Rep

Gwen Dale
Parish Councillor

Tracy Lauersen Rector & Synod Rep

Kerrie Armstrong Parish Councillor & Youth Advocate

Administrative Staff

Natalie Ollerman

Media Coordinator