Sermon: Freedom and how we achieve it

Bible Readings: Ps 30; Galatians 6.(1-6) 7-18; Luke 10.1-12 (13-16) 17-24

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Fourth Sunday after Pentecost


Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.    John 20.29 


Prayer of the Day 

God of the covenant, 

in our baptism 

you called us to proclaim the coming of your kingdom: 

give us courage, 

as you gave it to the apostles, 

that we may faithfully witness to your love and peace in every circumstance of life; 

in the name of Jesus Christ our Redeemer, 

who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, 

one God, for ever and ever. Amen. 


For the World 

We pray for the people of the Ukraine and the immense burden they carryWe pray for the Russians and hope their sense of fear and insecurity ceases, so that peace may reign once again.  We pray for the emergence of a satisfactory compromise so that all nations in the Ukraine region may feel safe and cooperative. We celebrate unity as more countries join the defense pact. We pray for a day when peace will reign and all peoples of the world will defend one another, and never take up arms against one another.  

For Australia 

We pray for the addicted Australians that have made Australia the greatest consumer of methylamphetamines. We are grateful for the light you give us Lord so that we may avoid these snares our little brothers are often caught in. Please Lord, guide us so we may share our light with our brothers and sisters, so we may break free of slavery to drugs.  


For the Community 

We pray for Jenny’s mother as she suffers sickness. We pray for Jenny and her families continued strength in this time of trial. May we all have the strength to be a light to our families in periods of turbulence.  

We keep in our thoughts those struggling with covid. We pray for those who have covid now and who have had covid in the past by remain under the shadow of long covid. We keep in our thoughts those who have isolated themselves. We pray they can return to our community soon. May we have the strength to rebuild our community after the desolation of social distancing.